Naoki Motors offers Minor Services that include a comprehensive car inspection and an advanced diagnosis. This service is done in a shorter timeline. Naoki Motors ensures that through the minor services performed, it will prevent any failure or damage to the vehicle of our valued customers that will lead to any Major Service.

◘ Synthetic Auto Oil & Oil filter change
◘ Car Transmission Fluid Check-up
◘ Clean Air & Air Condition Filter
◘ Tires Inspection & Correction
◘ Brake Inspection
◘ Reset Maintenance Counter
◘ Coolant Level Check-Up & Top Up
◘ Car Brake Fluid Top up
◘ Power Steering Fluid Top up
◘ Tire Pressure Check-up
◘ Battery Check-up
◘ Complete Interior Detailing & Exterior Polishing
◘ Denting & Painting

Naoki Motors is an engine-life saver and a performance checker company of different premium branded vehicles. Naoki Motors professionals will review and repair major key services that are essential, ensuring the quality of your valued car will maintain proper and perfect.

◘ Air Condition Filters Change
◘ Drive Belt & Spark Plugs Replacement
◘ Car Brakes and AC inspection
◘ Report for Additional & Recommended Repairs
◘ Major Oil Replacement Service
◘ Full Check-up of Electrical,Mechanical, Suspension,Tires, Brakes & A/C System


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